The future development trend of laser cutting machine:

With incomplete statistics, in the sheet metal processing industry of developed countries in Europe and the United States, the proportion of laser cutting machines accounts for about 35%, and our current proportion is about 10%. Key industries in manufacturing

      Why does the sheet metal processing industry choose a laser cutting machine? What are the main advantages of lasers?
  • National key support and promotion to revitalize the manufacturing industry - development opportunities;
    High degree of flexibility and high machining accuracy;
    The product has short production cycle, fast cutting speed and high production efficiency;
      What are the main points that end customers of laser cutting machines care about?
  • Speed: The positioning speed of the cutting table, the axial acceleration;
    Accuracy: X, Y axis positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy;
    Stability and comprehensive cost: maintenance-free, reliable quality, low failure rate

How to choose the right system and drive products?
How can we ensure the desired acceleration and speed, and ensure the final accuracy requirements?
What is the optimal inertia matching ratio?

structural design

Gantry type (single drive, double drive), cantilever type (single drive) or X, Y axis servo + transmission scheme

Servo motor + reducer/belt + high-precision rack and pinion;
DDR+ high precision rack and pinion;;
Linear motor direct drive;
Zhuoyu Technology helps achieve the precision and speed that can be achieved
X-axis dual drive: 300Kg load, 200m/min positioning speed, 1.5g and above
X-axis single drive: 500Kg load, 100m/min positioning speed, 1.2g and above
Accuracy: 0.003~ 0.01mm
Zhuoyu Technology's main products in the laser industry
Drives: Kollmorgen S700 series drives, Kollmorgen AKD drives, Servotronix drives
Motors: Kollmorgen AKM motors, Lafert high-speed motors
Direct Drive: Kollmorgen KBM Motor, Kollmorgen CDDR, Kollmorgen DDL Linear Motor
Reducer: German Stober planetary reducer, Germany Newcastle planetary reducer
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